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Install Citrix Workspace on Groovy Gorilla on Raspeberry Pi

  How I got Citrix Workspace working on Groovy Gorilla (Ubuntu 20.10) on Raspberry Pi 400 At first installing Citrix on Ubuntu may seem like a no brainer, but because how Ubuntu and Citrix have packaged software for Raspberry Pi, it is pain in the neck to get it working correctly.  What is the issue? When I installed Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi hardware, t he only package available for Pi 4/400 was 64 bit, but Citrix has  only ARMHF packages for raspberry Pi which is 32 bit. Technically 32 bit package should work on 64 bit architecture without a fuss, but for whatever reason Citrix package checks if package to be installed matches OS bit level. Attempting to install the package as well as subsequent system updates report failure. More over Software Center can't install or remove software complaining broken packages on the system. First let me tell you how I installed Citrix then will go on fixing issue. Prepare system for Citrix installation Check system architecture using dpkg --print