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Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi

  How I got Groovy Gorilla (Ubuntu 20.10) on Raspberry Pi 400 Raspberry Pi 400 is an awesome Raspberry Pi 4 device which comes packaged in a keyboard. Just hook it up to monitors and you got a working computer. Raspberry Pi 400 comes with a Raspberry Pi OS preinstalled, but it has it's quirks. I bought Pi 400 to replace my 10 year old laptop which couldn't handle the abuse anymore. My primary use of the Pi 400 is to use it as a workstation and to connect to my work computer over Citrix. There are 2 issues with out-of-the-box Raspberry PI OS which forced me to get back to Ubuntu which is my OS of choice for 15+ years. Citrix could not use both monitors. Though I spent decent number of hours to attempt to use different desktop manager, it just didn't work. Getting sound output to a Bluetooth headset was pain in the neck. Still didn't work reliably all the time. Now, coming to the point, installing